First, an introduction

This is the first issue of Practical Stoicism, a weekly digest of hand-picked links on Stoicism. This ancient philosophy has received a lot of attention in recent years, but it's difficult to find the practical advice in between academic papers and "life hack" clickbait articles.

For the daily practicing Stoic who accepts the all parts of the philosophy, there is a shortage of communities and resources. My aim with this newsletter is to provide a platform for resources that practicing Stoics can use to help their practice and get a better understanding of the type of Stoicism that was practiced in ancient times (nowadays called Traditional Stoicism).

So who am I? My name is Rudolph and you could say I'm a novice Stoic like many in the modern day Stoic community. About two years ago I started my Stoic journey when I grew disillusioned with the (in my perception) superstitions that I encountered in Buddhism. I had been interested in Buddhism for quite some years back then, but I could never fully relate to the stories as told by the masters of the different schools. This caused me to turn away from philosophy, because many schools did not seem so practical as I initially had thought.

Then I discovered Stoicism.

This philosophy captures many of the ideas and precepts that I realized while contemplating life and situations on my own, as well as much of the wisdom that can also be found in Buddhist schools. However, with Stoicism I finally found an ethical framework that makes sense, is in line with modern science (and actually contributed a lot to modern psychology!), and is not bogged down by religious and superstitious stories and rituals. This seemed the perfect fit for me to dive into, dnd so I did for the last two years.

Over time I have built up quite a library of interesting Stoic books, articles and other resources. Now it's time for me to share these resources with other students of Stoicism, so that we can all come to a deeper understanding of what is truly the good life.

Each issue of Practical Stoicism will have a specific theme, the theme of this first issue being an introduction to Stoicism (very original, I know). I've tried to include resources that are interesting for both novice and advanced Stoics, as I realize that the Stoic community is very diverse. Apart from that I try to include both academic resources and materials created by practicing Stoics. This way I hope to make Stoicism accessible for a wide audience, as it truly is a philosophy for everyone.

So welcome to this first issue of Practical Stoicism. I hope you will find many of the resources as useful as I find them. If you know of a good article, book, video or podcasts on Stoicism, simply reply to this email to share it with me. Who knows you can help with the gem you found!

Rudolph Masers




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